Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 19th, 2010

one month and four days have passed

that is 34 days or a fuck of a lot of hours
since they broke your window and crashed into your house,
pilfering through your things and stealing them
you were robbed, (though this is a word you try not to say too often
this is a word you keep to yourself, for late nights when you can't sleep and you roll it around and over your tongue like a secret shame)
and you thought you had the list, you thought you had it all:

1. camera
2. bicycle
3. necklace
4. ipod
5. computer one
6. computer two

but today you discover: they took your food scale

and this shocks you
and surprises you
but not, surprisingly, because it's a fresh violation.
what shocks you is that you have been off your diet for
thirtyfour days

that's a fuck of a lot of days
to cheat.

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